Digital Excellence Circle

As part of the ‘Digital Excellence Circle’, the Institute for Digitization Research e.V. organizes workshops with the aim of bringing together selected digitally-oriented companies with highly motivated, and digitally savvy students. For companies, the added value consists of access to young talents as well as the exchange of experience with universities. At the same time, students benefit of the unique additional qualification and valuable business contacts.

The selection of suitable and highly motivated students is ensured by a selection process, whose criteria can be flexibly chosen by the companies. The participation of students in workshops of the Digital Excellence Circle is rewarded with a certificate issued by both the company and the Institute for Digitization Research. The main organizers of the Digital Excellence Circle are Prof. Dr. Michael Paul (Chair of Value Based Marketing) and Prof. Dr. Daniel Veit (Chair for Information Systems and Management) from the University of Augsburg. With regard to future workshops, we are always on the lookout for interested and digitally-oriented companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you are interested.

Following the great success of the previous year, a workshop on the topic “Digitization and Social Change” was held in Munich for the second time by Detecon Consulting in the summer semester 2019. On June 7, 12 bachelor and master students developed approaches to active management based on real consulting cases and discussed the challenges and effects of digitization on companies and society with experts from Detecon Consulting. In addition, the participants were able to find out more about the company and discuss career opportunities in consulting.

In the winter term 2018/19, a workshop on the topic “Digitization in Direct Sales Challenges and Opportunities was held at HILTI AG in Kaufering. 19 Bachelor-, Master- and PhD students worked on suggestions for improvement in a case study on Software Solution Selling and presented them to the company’s decision-makers. In addition, they were given information on opportunities to join the company and experienced the drill production at first hand during a guided tour of the plant. The highlight of the day was the hands-on equipment testing.

In the summer term 2018, a workshop was held in Munich by Detecon Consulting on the topic “Digitization and Social Change”. During the workshop, 12 Bachelor and Master students analyzed the challenges and effects of digitization on both companies and society and developed approaches for active management based on case studies. In this context, participants were also able to learn more about Detecon Consulting, talk to employees and discuss career opportunities in consulting.

In the summer term 2017 the workshop of Hubert Burda Media on the topic
Talent Recruiting of Digital Natives – What do you wish from your future employer and what is it that makes the company attractive to you?“ took place. 12 Bachelor and Master students analyzed the company’s career website and career portal in advance, before discussing relevant topics with company representatives at the headquarter in Munich on 29th of June. Subsequently, they worked on and presented concrete suggestions for improvement. In addition, the participants got to know the company and its entry opportunities through discussions with HR employees as well as current trainees and interns. Another highlight was the presentation of the Burda Bootcamp, the company’s own start-up laboratory.