Research Projects

The scientists involved in the Institute for Digitization Research e.V. conduct research in numerous fields related to digitization. Prof. Dr. Daniel Veit deals with digital business models and conducts research projects on topics such as the Sharing Economy, internet privacy as well as the influence of digitization in the public sector and  healthcare industry. Prof. Dr. Michael Paul’s research focuses on areas of customer experience, new media and omnichannel management. Within projects, he investigates the influence of multi-channel strategies and social media crises on the success of companies.

Current research projects, in which the Institute for Digitization e.V. is involved, deal with questions of the Sharing Economy and Customer Experience. The project ‘ISHARE – Impact of the Sharing Economy in Germany’ deals with business models of the Sharing Economy and their contribution to a sustainable economy in Germany. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In the project ‘Customer Experience along the Customer Journey: How Is It Measured? How Can It Be Implemented?’ conducted by Prof. Dr. Michael Paul and Markus Gahler (both from the University of Augsburg) and Dr. Jan Klein (University of Tilburg, NL), an instrument for measuring customer experience along the customer journey is being developed that can be used efficiently and in real time by research and companies. The project is funded by the Marketing Science Institute.