TheĀ Institute for Digitization Research e.V. is a non-profit association based in Munich, Germany, whose purpose is to promote science and research in the field of business administration related to digitization, as well as to promote education, including student assistance.

The purpose of the statutes is realised in particular by:

  • the establishment of a forum for the exchange of experience between science and practice,
  • the organisation and implementation of research projects, workshops, educational events,
  • the holding of national and international congresses as well as publications on the subject of digitization,

in order to identify undesirable developments and risks, but also opportunities, at an early stage and to make the general public aware of them. In addition, the association promotes career orientation by arranging and supervising research projects related to digitization for students, defining and carrying out independent research projects, carrying out press and specialist publication work, supporting doctoral projects and specialist publications and ensuring their general dissemination.

In addition, it is the task of the Institute to initiate and lead the critical examination of new ways of thinking in the field of the digitization of society by means of workshops and other events as well as generally accessible publications.

The Institute was founded in 2014 at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Augsburg. Its aim is to disseminate the results of current research in the field of business administration related to digitization and its effects on society and to discuss these with a broad political public.